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This website provides applications to test ArgusSearch for text, speech and objects in images. After registering, you get the ability to use it for small- and medium-sized file sets. The data will be processed on a local server at PLANET AI. Our applications feature full-text search for both hand- and typewritten documents, digital archives and audio streams – without needing a prior transcription.

With IDA PDF Lite you can process your documents returning a Smart PDF with the transcription as a textlayer and the PerceptionMatrix contained as meta data allowing ArgusSearch to enable a powerful full-text search in your documents.

Additionally, we provide a test version of Doctor AI as an Intelligent Radiological Assistant (IRA). Examine your x-ray images for the following diseases: Atelectasis, Cardiomegaly, Consolidation, Edema and Pleural Effusion.

If you need help, take a look at our FAQs. In case you need higher performance or want to process larger volumes, feel free to contact us.

PLANET AI offers patented, state-of-the-art technology for image, text, and speech recognition on the basis of modern artificial intelligence.

In many tasks, biologically inspired models for digital information processing already achieve a recognition performance of human experts, yet have a much higher processing speed and capacity!

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